If we wish to tap into great talent and help communities thrive away from the large population centres, then we must make it possible for great, long-term, sustainable jobs to exist in those areas. In particular we focus on those regions which are in close proximity to planned infrastructure projects, but which don’t currently have the capacity, track record or investment capability to capitalise on the opportunities ahead.

At X-Academy we recognise the inevitability that large centres of population will become centres of gravity for investment and therefore talent. However, our increasingly distributed energy network dictates the need for a distributed workforce to match.

Due to that ‘gravitational pull’ we must work even harder to ensure regional capabilities become competitive in both price and experience with the offerings from the larger population centres. By doing this we will facilitate creation of long-term jobs, promote regional economic development and prevent economic decline (similar to that experienced in previous heavy industrial heartlands).


In 2023 we launched X-Academy in Orkney, initially creating two new energy transition jobs with more planned for 2024.

We are using these jobs as a catalyst to amplify local capability such that the Orkney community can benefit from its proximity to planned energy infrastructure projects.


Fundamental to our programme is to start out with new professional-level roles employed within the region. These roles create immediate additional capacity that did not previously exist.

Working with organisations across the regions we will develop or evolve a roadmap to creating long-term sustainable jobs in the region.

Securing targeted investment in regional capability and capacity, and ensuring there is visibility of jobs for those in the region.

Accelerating Energy Jobs