There are experience shortages in key professional disciplines including consenting and permitting, electrical and power systems engineering, geotechnical engineering, naval architecture and marine engineering. Let’s club together to address these shortages.

The solution to this challenge is not simple. A single business investing in recruitment risks those individuals moving elsewhere after they have developed some experience; particularly if skills shortages remain.

X-Academy is curating an aggregated demand pathway that allows companies and organisations to co-invest in addressing the challenge.

It’s a different approach, but X-Academy connects industry. Let us truly collaborate.


Our Xccelerator Programme but targeted and funded specifically in relation to a certain discipline.

The duration of the programme may vary as it will be targeted at specific disciplines and at creating experiential learning and exposure opportunities for those skills.

Effectively, we create fast-track opportunities to address niche discipline shortages.


Multiple organisations ‘club’ together to fund a programme. For example:

  • Identify shortage in marine environmental scientists entering the energy sector impacting capacity across supply chain, the regulator, and developers.
  • 2 x offshore wind developers, 1 oil and gas operator, 1 CCS developer and 2 x tier 1 supply chain companies each fund £100k (£600k in total).
  • 10 Xccelerators employed for a 1-year programme with relevant backgrounds, 60% recent graduates, 40% reskillers.
  • Xccelerators work on real projects relating to marine environment & consenting activities helping advance energy projects.
  • Club companies can draw on talent resource and have access to directly recruit at the end of the, for example, 1 year programme.

Accelerating Energy Jobs