New for 2024, X-Academy is targeting those who are unemployed due to their circumstances or backgrounds to equip them for the workplace in the energy sector.

We are partnering with third sector organisations to deliver a combination of certificated training, hands-on work experience, and coaching to support their adjustment to working life and foster self-confidence.

Connecting industry, people, training and third sector organisations, we want to work together to accelerate people into long-term employment.


This employability scheme is targeted at people aged 16 and above who are currently experiencing barriers to employment. Components include:


  • Timetabled, 8-week, face to face, skills intervention
  • Obtaining industry-relevant qualifications in manual handling, warehousing and forklifting and practicing them in a warehouse;
  • Completing online based training on site; targeting digital literacy plus driving and/or first aid training;
  • Links with other support areas of the hosting charity (food bank, state support, budgeting, and cooking skills);
  • Developing job seeking skills and linking with energy industry employers and other entities


  • This programme is focused on blue-collar occupations in the energy sector (direct and indirect).
  • Working with suitable providers, and utilising support from our Xccelerator team, we curate a programme of timetabled learning and certification, coupled with work experience and development of job seeking skills.
  • Our ethos is all about long-term jobs, so we ensure we work with partners who will be able to utilise or at least generate demand for these workers.

Accelerating Energy Jobs