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11 Nov 2022

Xccelerators join forces with bp and EnBW ScotWind joint venture for Morven project

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Five secondees from skills programme, X-Academy have been handpicked by ScotWind joint venture (JV) partners, bp and EnBW, to support the Morven windfarm, located off the east coast of Scotland.

As the next major step since the partnership committed more than £1 million to X-Academy in a five-year deal, Morven is creating a number of new roles that xccelerators from the initiative will step into. The partnership supports X-Academy’s goal to provide development opportunities for hundreds of people to drive meaningful impact in the planet’s ambition to reduce emissions and accelerate efforts towards net zero.

This comes amid reports* that it is estimated that in order to meet energy transition targets around 40,000 people are required to plug the skills gap that exists by 2030.

Morven, awarded in the 2022 ScotWind leasing round, is an approximately 860km2 lease, located around 60km off the coast of Aberdeen. The consortium partner’s E1 lease is in an advantaged area, allowing the partners to develop it as a fixed-bottom offshore wind project with a total generating capacity of around 2.9 gigawatts, sufficient to power more than three million homes.

Along with the offshore wind development, these investments by the project include significant expansion of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Scotland and green hydrogen production. Together, these represent up to £10 billion of investment in support of offshore wind and Scotland’s energy transition.

The secondees, Isabelle Pouncey, Duncan Swanney, Sharon Reji, Louise Davies and Robert Hughes, will be split across four teams. They will join the environment/consents, procurement, training and skills and project management divisions, and will be offered on-the-job-learning for a six-month rotation with Morven. Following the initial group, the Morven team will then welcome new xccelerators to the project. 

Chris Whitehead, stakeholder engagement manager, bp said: “Our ScotWind tender plans had always been intended to go much further than just turbines offshore. A large part of the vision for the Morven windfarm was about investing in people and upskilling them for Scotland’s energy transition.

“We were thrilled with the talent and enthusiasm on display at X-Academy and were very pleased to offer five xccelerators the first opportunity to join the project. As it progresses, we then plan on bringing in new individuals from the programme, nurturing and honing their skills across the development timeline.”

Peter Tipler, managing director of X-Academy added: “Having just celebrated our first year, X-Academy has been met with an incredible reaction from the industry. Our group of 26 willing and able xccelerators have been involved in more than 25 projects and five external secondments.

“Now, as we move five of them to bp’s headquarters in Aberdeen, we’re keen to see how the ScotWind consortium will realise their plans for developing skills and opening up new doors for the energy transition.”

Backed also by industry not-for-profit ETZ Ltd, the skills programme has already shown the potential that this type of shared peer and industry learning can spawn.

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